Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Wouldn't it be nice...

If people all around could come together...together as a community to feel safe and secure.
Not everyone can live on a little island or in a small rural town where you definitely know your neighbour. And anywhere you go someone knows your name. But it is matter where you live. If you are in the city, be aware of who is around you. Know your a neighbour. I know that when I was still a city dweller I would see the same people each and everyday en route to work or whatever. I would say hello or at least give them a flash of my pearly whites. (too much coffee these teeth ain't so pearly anymore, I feel) Sometimes they would respond with a " are ya?" That would make my day, and I bet made theirs too. Know your makes life a heck of a lot sweeter. Try it.

If everyone owned their own home.
A place where you could make perfect for you and your family/friends. A home that you could feel secure and not afraid of being kicked out because the landlord has sold it or wants to move in themselves. A home to keep your dreams alive and always be warm when it's cold outside. A home that you could invite friends to stay if they lost their home...but you knew that soon enough they would have another home because they are actually affordable. I dream of this for Clint & I and all of our friends on a daily basis. This is a tricky one...smiles don't make the kind of $$$ it takes to buy a home in a province like BC. Let's all but homes in Manitoba and Saskatchewan and make an awesome community! ;o)

If everyone had food each and everyday to sustain themselves.
Hunger is rampant in our world. Presently there are 38 million people (children AND adults) starving in Africa alone. Famine. How sad it is to see the desperate and sunken eyes of beautiful children in a beautiful part of our world. Absolutely depressing to see the absolute feeling of devastation and heartbreak in the faces of the parents just wanting to give all they can to their children to allow them one more day of life. They are living on a day to day basis...and it is not some kind of Tolle example of how to gain inner peace. They are struggling for life and live in each moment to make it to the next hoping that some form of nutrition will come their way. And yet, here we are complaining about shitty fast food restaurants and the stale bread that was offered at the beginning of our "dining out" meal. Maybe if we...North Americans, weren't so gluttonous, we might have more to give to these countries of famine and starvation. What can we do?? Brainstorm...c'mon politicians and leaders of our can we help??? I do know that one way we can help is to start in our own communities...that is what we can do as individuals. Every community, town, city what have you, has at least one Food Bank. And it is so easy to bring a little something to one of those organizations. People NEED food. Let's do what we can.

If there were peace in the world.
Oh man...would it ever. But is all baby steps. Love thy neighbour first. We are all very different as human beings. Personalities differ, likes, wants and needs differ...we are individuals and that is the beauty of the human race. Part of that beauty is to allow those around you to be who they are and try as hard as possible not to judge. Easier said than done...I know. But the more we practice acceptance...the easier it becomes. I am not saying that you have to accept your neighbour's loud and incessant music at all hours of the day and night. But imagine if you chose to have a nice, quiet chat to them over the a respectful way. Give respect...get respect. I believe that. Baby steps. When we start with those closest to us it will spread further and maybe...MAYBE one day those feelings can reach out to the ones who start wars. Who cares what religion someone is...if they believe something different or have no belief at all...that is okay. Does it affect your beliefs in any way? No. Same goes for oil! If someone has oil and you don' happy that they have it and are willing to share. Don't need to take the power of it. I'm just saying. Peace out...everyone.

If no one ever died.
That is definitely a hard one. I think in terms of dealing with death, most of us have the same opinion of it. It sucks! It sucks when someone you know and love is suffering from a terminal illness and you watch them slowly disintegrate as a human, as your friend/lover/parent/ them wither away like a once beautiful oak leaf turning in the fall chill. It sucks when your friend takes a bad turn on his motorcycle and ends up under a car tire fighting for his life to only lose it moments later in the back of the ambulance. It sucks when your neighbour that you didn't even know gets murdered in the middle of what is seemingly a peaceful day. It sucks to watch your grandparents and even parents minds slowly deteriorate...forget who you are and the love that you share...and then they die. Death just feels bad. But in life...there is always death. We don't live forever. So I believe that each and every moment is so very special when you are sharing it with a friend, family member, lover. Tell them everyday that you love them so that there is no secret about it. It feels good to say I love feels even better to hear I love you. We are all going to die one day...wouldn't it be nice to die so full of love? I love you.
Wouldn't it be nice if everything was always  nice?? It sure would be. But it also would make life too easy and what would we learn from it. When things go wrong...find the lesson in it. Take knowledge from every situation and turn it into goodness. Do what you can for your mind, heart and soul...and then continue to do with the knowledge you gain and give it to others. Spread the love.
"LOVE" scratched into a picnic table on our road trip. Remember the love...always.

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