Friday, October 15, 2010

Lowly Lonely Loner... what I am. Or at least who I feel I need to be once in a while...and I do fully enjoy it.

I am not testifying to not need people around me...or that I don't require social contact with others. I just relish being in my mind and having the peace and quiet that goes along with it. Like when it is just me and Maggie walking up the road through the trail down to the beach then walking along the beach around to the next is pretty lovely. I could do it for hours and hours.
Then it's nice to come home and chill for a bit...maybe read or play on the computer...clean a room in the house. Whatevs. Alone time is good time.

I was thinking today, while on my walk with Maggie that if life changed and I was alone...I could dig it. I would never in a million years want to change the way my life is now. I love living in this house with Clint...sharing my life with him and having adventures. That is what truly makes me happy and enjoy's how I have been blessed. ;o) my mind, while I was just daydreaming, I was imagining living in a small cabin in a rural environment (much like where we live now I suppose...but my cabin gets full sun and is always warm and cozy) all by myself. My cabin would be an hour drive to where you can get supplies like food and gas and living people don't really visit me often. And I like that. I have a dog...maybe a cat or two too. I also have internet, but it is dial-up...ancient times, slow speed.
You know, just because you are alone does not mean that you can not count on and utilize the technology that is out there for our own purposes and pleasure.I would feel the need to use it once in a while to check things like the good old world of FB and of course I would be sending emails to friends and family. I also would have a phone and probably use it as a device of communication with the outside old school eh? The "telephone". But, I feel for the most would just be me, some hobbies, dog walking, pondering, gardening, sleeping, lots of baths...but outside baths, in the middle of my sunny meadow where the daisies surround me by the millions. On the other side of the meadow there is a path that leads me down to the water...could be the ocean or a majestic lake. Either would be fabulous. As long as I can walk along the water, taking a dip whenever necessary. This fantasy is pretty sweet to me. It got into my head today because I was enjoying a beautiful sunshiney day while Clint is was out for the most part of it. But, I came home and 20 minutes later, in walks Clint. And then I am so super happy that I AM in this chilly but fabulous cabin, living in the "country" with a sexy and fun man beside me each and every day. Nice thing is...he too is a loner and likes his sweet alone time. Perfection! We can be loners together, forever!

So...if someone calls me a loner...I own it. Love it. Even though it is usually only me calling me a loner. ha ha But, I think it's excellent to be able to be by yourself and to also be totally comfortable with that. Not everyone can do it. It's a blessing not a curse.

Anyway...Maggie and I had a fun time on our walk. I like the 10 sec shot.


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