Thursday, October 14, 2010

Why are the 80's so popular again??

Not that there is anything wrong with them...but seriously...somebody tell me WHY??

Along with every other decade that has made a come back...we will find people that are not happy with it. We remember back in those days, the way we were and the clothes we wore, seeing everything as so yesterday. Well, that is because they are outdated fashions and it was so, like yesterday! lol It's not like everyone who was wearing bell bottom pants
during the 1970's was thinking "what the hell am I doing wearing these stupid pants?" It was in was in the magazines...Hollywood stars were wearing them. If you did NOT have a pair of bell bottoms you were out of touch with true fashion. So, they were worn with pride back were cool in them. But then the 1980's came and it was all about tight ankle and wide hipped pants...the Harem pant! We all loved them and wore them. So comfortable too! You could head on down to Warehouse One or Mariposa and pick out any colour you dreamed of. Stirrup pants too...classic 80's! Back then, I dug it. I loved it. And then that ended and the 90's brought new fashion again...and so on. It just happens that way. And with each new decade comes inspiration from past decades but in an updated and far cooler way...the old and the new combined to create an even bigger impression on fashion history.

These are just the facts and we all know them and understand them...but still we complain when old fashions come out again. I HATED when big shirts and leggings were coming back not to long ago. Now it's like all I can wear...why? Because it's freakin' comfortable and easy to wear. Ha ha ha! And it's going out of style again. But now I live on a small island where no one cares if you walk around in sweats all day long...well, they care but just don't care enough to let it bother them. Cool. I will continue on wearing my leggings until they fall apart and you can no longer buy them because they are so out of fashion. Though I might keep a pair that I continue to repair or whatever...just cause I like them so much! So silly! ;op

It's 80's week this week...whatever that means. Everyone on Facebook has been posting pics of them in the 80's! And we were ALL so ugly! Ha hahahahahaaaaaa!!! Seriously...gross! ;op
(but back then we thought we were the bomb. lol) I created an album on my FB page dedicated to the 80's. There's only like 7 pictures in it...I hate scanning...and taking pictures of photos, lame. But I am feeling nostalgic.

The 80's for me (and you too...admit it) was a period of very bad fashion. But even worse because I was ALWAYS wearing that stupid artificial arm. It controlled what I wore at all unfair. And this is a big reason a look back at the 80's is doubly disturbing to me. I want to forget I even wore that weird and heavy and cumbersome and self esteem thief. The dr's called it a life saver...I consider it personal hell. All right Pam...don't get too dramatic. It's only Thursday! lol But it's just that when I look back at the photos and see that ARM dangling like a lifeless limb (which it was) I just wish I could turn back time and not ever have worn it. Wished I didn't rely on it to make me feel normal and for others to feel I too was normal and ease their comfort around me. Ack! Drama continues...get over it. Well, I think I am over it. Just a haunting I have every once in a while that drives me a little crazy. At least I was a cute kid! lol

So, I say down with the 80's. Let's celebrate this week...week of the 80's and then let go...move on...for real man! 1989 has come and gone. I believe the numbers are 2010...let's enjoy this year, it's almost over. Let's celebrate today and tomorrow for what we are...just as we are. I am by no means demanding that everyone get naked and have a bunch of drinks and celebrate who they are...but that also sounds like fun. ;o) Let's celebrate everyday the life that we have and enjoy what we have in the moment. The moment is great!

That's my spiel for the day...rock on peeps...peace! xox


  1. right onski, pam! be here now and all that...

    xox margy

  2. I have some eighties photos that make me want to crawl under a rock still--thank god no one had a camera in the week when I thought neon pink everything was a great idea. I remember walking down the road and a bunch of guys in a truck slowed down and started screaming, "turn it down! turn it down!" That was the end of that =) Looking forward to reading more--hope you guys can make it to Vic soon. I still can't believe we haven't been to see your new place yet!

    Kate (and Sean, Fynn and Connor)