Monday, October 4, 2010

Curls, Wensday and update extraordinaire...

Must start out with update parents have been re-united at last! In my post of Nov 17/2009 I spoke of how my parents were stuck in Canada due to proper immigration paperwork, ie: green card status...taking such an incredibly long time to get through all the proper channels in the US government. My mom left Texas Aug 30th, 2009 to fly to Winnipeg for the birth of my sisters third child. My dad left for Winnipeg a few weeks later to meet up with everyone and to also meet his new grand daughter. They were a little worried to do this as my dad's work visa was expired...but his lawyer said it should be no problem as the green card should be sent to him in no longer than 5 weeks. Ha! If only we could see the future. My dad eventually got himself back home so that he could work and be able to do things like...well, you know pay their mortgage and what people who own homes do even if the country they live and work in is not co-operating. Lame! Anyhow, my mom tried to go home and was denied. This all happened in January. Fast forward 9 months and my dad received another work visa that will last for 4 years while the green card is in the works...taking forever because as my dad's lawyer found out he was one of the lucky recipients of an audit of his immigration. Ahhh!!! I will never EVER try and immigrate anywhere...the hell that one government can put so many people through is far too emotionally draining. But good dad flew back to Winnipeg and back into my mother's arms. They were apart for her 60th birthday and their 40th wedding anniversary was August 15th which they also spent apart. But happiness finally...they are together again! This is something to rejoice about and definitely give thanks for this coming Thanksgiving weekend. Yay!!

 you must feel suspense...what will I talk of next? Curls! Ha ha ha! Me & Wensday had some chilling out in front of the TV and putting curlers in my hair last night. Ladies night in the den! And today I am happy with my curls...I think Wensday is too. Hee hee ha!

Love and happiness to you...I hope everyone has a lot to be thankful for this year too! xoxoxoxo

Do you like my curls????

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