Monday, October 18, 2010

Lovelies that make me smile... kitty of 13 years. I've watched her grow from a skiddish and pesky, quite frankly annoying at times cat to being just a big furball of love. Sugar cube Wenny!
Maggie the Magnificient. The dog that adopted US and who has most truly and definitely enriched our lives...while we try to enrich her last few years on this planet. We love you Maggie May!

And of course my man...what would I be without him? Lonely and single...well maybe, but I would like to think I would still be happy as we should always be happy with who we are as an individual. But hey...I feel so fortunate to have him by my side...through thick and thin, better or worse. I stand by his side and he stands by mine. I am so blessed to finally know what true love is. I love you Clint! xox

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