Monday, October 18, 2010


why is our society so? Or maybe we are just going back to our roots. Back to living the way we did in the days when people were strung up on wooden splintery posts that were placed strategically in the town centre and left to die. Women would then bring their children to parade them by the dead and dying criminals (a lot of the time unjustly accused non-criminals) to teach them a lesson..."now see here children, this is what's gonna happen to you if you steal or cheat. You'll be hanging up there with them criminals. Mind your manners...listen to your elders." That would probably scare most kids on the straight and narrow. Others, well, they might take it as a dare...can you beat the law man at his game?? Imagine going to the public burnings...watching someone, innocent or evil, strung up to a post...firewood gathered all around them and then lit up? Pretty disgusting. That's our past. That is exactly where we came from. But we have become more civilized since...yup, we sure have.

These days...we have political correctedness, women's rights, societies like PETA and WWF, we send money and aid to children in third world countries and to victims of flood and earthquake. We take care of our world's population. We care. We also allow media to share with us images of war and destruction, corrupt leaders being hung to death, mass slaughters of animals...and we eat it up. We buy our children video games where they can chase police officers in fancy cars and gun them down then go pick up a prostitute, use her and then kill her too. This is entertainment...isn't it?? HELL no!

Earlier today we were watching a program about this captive bear named Rocky...he was born and has been raised in captivity. He lives on a farm in California, in a big cage and works as a film bear. He's a Hollywood Star...not! He is a loveable creature that has been trained to do amazing things...all for camera...for an audience. To make $$$ for his trainers. That is the bottom line. This wild animal, that has been given a "human" name, has been kept in a confined space for years...that is unethical all on it's own. His trainer, who is a very smart and talented man himself, really has a connection with "Rocky" the grizzly. He can wrestle and get kisses from's really quite sweet to watch. I am lured into watching this show. Now, this trainer has a cousin who also works with wild animals...mostly cats; like puma, cougars and tigers etc. He wants to wrestle with Rocky too. Get the adrenaline of standing next to and then being able to wrestle with a live and beautiful grizzly...the group that works with Rocky allow this to take place. But nothing is done the way Rocky is used to...and he ends up lunging at this guy's throat and with one bite, takes his life. This is an intriguing story to say the least...I couldn't stop watching the program as I was sad for this bear and how his life became so complicated and then this poor guys who lost his life through people taking the "life" away from this bear. It's a pretty emotional story to say the least. But in my head I am starting to have a freak out...scared at what they are going to show. The stunt with Rocky and this man was all taped. So, the next images we are subject to watching in this one hour documentary is a slow motion play by play of the quick and deadly attack. There is no gore. By that I mean, no blood or torn skin can be seen in the video footage of the attack. But you see Rocky lunge at him, take him down, you hear him scream his cousin's name, then Rocky shakes him a few times before the others get him off the struggling man...his adrenaline, obviously pumping harshly through his veins, gets him off the ground and running away. Seconds later he drops dead. It looks like a scene from a movie...but it's real. It tore me apart. I couldn't stop crying...for this man, the bear and then it hit me like a medicine ball to the gut. This is what we have become. Insensitive to the death of men...the destruction of humankind. We have no more has been stolen from us. But it's our fault. We want entertainment...and it has to keep getting better and better. Sick!

Don't mean to vent so much...I am just as guilty as anyone else who watched these programs. And I know others too can not believe the things they see or hear about being in public view. The sheer disgust of it all. I am a horror movie lover...I truly am. I will rent every stupid horror flick out there. I know it's fake. It's gory and horrible, but all fake. When I see the reality of a situation that is stomach churns. People jumping out of windows in the World Trade Centre. Why did we need to see that?? The luger that lost his grip on the ice in the Whistler Olympics...I definitely did NOT need to see that. His poor family.

Anyhow, I needed to get this out of my head so that I can let it go. I don't have to watch it. Maybe others will stop. Maybe one day it will be illegal to show these types of images on the web or TV or any kind of media display. We can only hope.


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