Thursday, March 3, 2011

Oi Vey!

Don't know if I spelled it right...but it looks and sounds exactly how I feel...Oi vey! The move...what move...did I just move? I don't recall spending 3 mad days moving boxes, furniture and crap, plus hours of relentless cleaning. I totally don't remember it at all. ;op But, what I can say is that my fingers are mostly numb, I can not lift my arm up more than half way without needing to screech out in pain, my shoulder is clicking and feeling like the tendons deep inside there are wound too tight and are about to snap. I have worked my big butt of this past weekend. And it keeps going. The new place is just needs a little cleaning. By a little cleaning I mean a lot. Oh, he's a super fine fellow, and a good friend. But I have learned his dirty little secret...he is dirty. Or WAS a dirty ol' bachelor living in his home with his trusty side companion the big German Shepherd. You know, the "man pad". Things don't get cleaned in a "man pad"...never. And I am the super fortunate chosen one to do the job of cleaning up after him, his dog and his drinking buddies. Yes! ;op No big deal really. I usually do a clean job after I am moved into a new place. I mean everyone cleans when they move...but I like to deep clean and know that anything that is gross or messy is my doing. So I have no one to blame but me. I like it that way. And I am clean so I never have to blame myself anyways! lol

Anyhow...I am happy to be living here. I miss the old place...the privacy on 5 acres...hardly any neighbours. A short walk down to my favourite beach. So today, I took Maggie for a walk in the new hood. House after's like city living again...but still in the sticks. ;o) It feels a wee bit odd being back in a neighbourhood. I had gotten used to living "all the way" on the South Side. I could be at home or out on the property and not see a privacy. I sometimes didn't even want or feel the need to leave the place. I hermitted a whole heck of a lot over the past 2 years...and I did enjoy it. I am excited for the change now. Seeing people on the streets and all of the different houses. We live so much closer to most everyone and everything now too. In fact, earlier today I rode my bike to the Village to eat a sandwich from Raspberry's. It took me 10 minutes to get there...10 quite grueling minutes I will admit. The slightest incline is pretty tough on my bike. It has no little blue beach cruising bike. I paid $7.35 for it at the GIRO and I love her. I don't think I even named her...but she has "BEACHCOMBER" printed on the side of middle bar in pink. So I guess she came with a name. It's a hard ride getting up the hills and there are quite a few from here to the Village. But I made it...on 0 energy. I hadn't eaten fuel in my belly. The sandwich fixed that right up and I was ready to head back to the homestead...back to Maggie :o) and Wensday. Maggie, who is now officially our dog. She came along the move with us and is quite happy to have done so. I can now call myself mom! ;op Anyhow...I went outside and my bike was wet and it was raining...oops. I hopped on the bike, went to the Co-op to fill my tires with air and headed off for home...rain punching my eyeballs. After walking my bike up the first big hill Ashley pulls up beside me...hauls my bike in to the back of her car and brings me home. Hurrah!!! I bought her some tulips for being so awesome. I also bought myself some tulips...add some sweetness to the home that is still partly in boxes and waiting for the big clean. Tomorrow I start with the oven...

Before my arm falls off I got to get off this keyboard...wonder what's on the boob tube...

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