Thursday, May 5, 2011

April showers bring more May.

For real? I am soooo over the rain. Even the light and misty almost not present drops that fall out of the grey sky...I am over you!!! Honestly, this winter has been a wacky one to say the very least. I feel like in the beginning, like November/December, we had some amazingly beautiful days. Of course some wet ones too...but for the most part I remember walking Maggie to the beach and sitting on the rocks and soaking up the low winter sunshine. Good old January comes along...and just like the freezing cold prairie came the cold and wet clouds. I remember feeling -35 degrees...I remember days where if you went outside without covering every last inch of your skin you would get frost bite...ouch! I never did get frostbite and I always managed to stay warm. But that is just being a sensible person when you live in a cold winter climate like that. Now...over here on the West Coast where it is "so much warmer than the prairies" (as BC people LOVE to say) it is darn tootin' freezing!! Like right now...I am cold because the sun went away a couple of hours ago and it was raining now it is damp chilly. That gets deep down inside of ya...chills you to the core...cold wet bones as they say. Do they say that...or is that just me?? I know it is some form of that that "they" say. "Sayings"...I get them twisted up and pulled together all over the place! ha! Anyways...I am cold right now. I just had my propane heated forced air heat furnace on to warm me. But what I REALLY want is Clint to finish cutting his toe nails and get dressed and go outside ans chop me some wood...Clint? ha ha ha haaaaa!!

It's just not nice when you FINALLY have a deck to sit out on and enjoy the outdoors in a comfortable manner surrounded by all the lovely flowers that you planted but you still can't enjoy it. Patience my dear...patience. I just have to wait for the weather to be ready and then I can rock it out on my deck. BBQ season therefor BBQ Pam season is here. And BBQ Pam...she is ready to rock the scene with her grill! ;o) In fact...she may rock it a wee bit tonight and make some BBQ corn...yeah...that sounds good.

 Doesn't this deck look inviting? It ain't no fancy schmancy place but I tell ya...when that sun is not covered by clouds...this IS the hot spot in da hood. Sitting on my rocking chair and taking in the heat. I love it!

Pink cosmos growing in my planter box...they are going to look so pretty when they are all growed up! ;o)
Showers...not only are they good for keeping us human smelling good, plants love 'em too. My plants are getting some good watering and wee bits of sun some days and full sun others. Just prepping them for the massive growth period...and that is just perfect!

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