Monday, May 30, 2011

"Love and do what you will." -St. Augustine

Words spoken by some dude named Augustine waaaay back in the day. Like, I mean real far back...this guy was born in 354 A.D. I find his words incredibly prolific. And by prolific, I mean that they have been passed down through the generations...he spawned a new and wonderful thought so that WE can live a lovely and happy life. He died in 430...and on May 29, 2011 I read these words in a book published in 2006. Wow eh? He was a philosopher turned priest that was later named a Saint. So I guess his message will never die. I just find that so any one person's case. It would be interesting to find out what is still being read and spread about in another 2000 years. And what of that is from our lifetime...and will the old, old stuff still remain in our minds? I hope so.

Anyways...back to the words that shook my soul. "Love and do what you will." Prior to me having read his short, but mind blowing statement in a book on the ferry yesterday, I would have completely misinterpreted it's meaning. Like I would have probably read it to mean that you just got to be full of love and then you can do whatever you want. Something like that. You know, like as long as you are a loving human being you should get away with whatever. Similar to the picture of a cute little girl with rosy, chubby cheeks, golden locks tied up in ribbon tied pigtails pushing her kid brother brother down the front steps..."hee hee...oops!" Because she is so cute and loving and innocent, some parents may just pick up the fallen child and cuddle him while checking him to make sure he is not hurt badly but then not really address the real issue. "Why did you push little Joey down?" Whatever the reason you sweet, sweet little's NOT right. And she NEEDS to be told a loving and enlightening sort of way. Enough of rambling on and on about what the statement doesn't say...and not even knowing if I'm making sense in my babble...

"Love and do what you will." When you are truly full of in you are in you have no hate or resentment in you. You never complain...because what is there REALLY to complain about. Nothing. Everything that comes from you is love...truth. And if you can manage to achieve this amazing life transformation...enlightenment...than absolutely everything that you do do IS love and you can do whatever you want. In an enlightened mind there would never be anything done that would not be good or right. It's so true. This is why that statement almost turned me into mashed turnips and carrots. (a sweet mixed up mess...yum!) It's basically the way I feel everyone should want to be like. Imagine a world that is truly at peace. Every community across every land people getting along and just living their own life and not worried about ANYTHING at all. It's just all of these pesky little things we have soo much trouble letting go...greed, jealousy, gossip, violence, victimization, power, money, fame, wants. It's where I want to be, at least in my own life some day. It sure is hard trying to get over the ego though. It has such a stronghold on the human race. Like, let me go...eGO! I want to believe that the things people do that are hurtful are not because of who they are...but what their ego is making them do. They don't have to be that way and they can learn differently. So we still have to love. Love one another even if it seems like you shouldn't. Your ego is telling you they are bad...and their ego is telling your ego that. complex. But yet so simple. I am just trying that's all I can say. And I fail every single day. But I can feel my mind changing in little ways. I am not keeping grudges. That is a big start. And it's not just cause I am trying real hard not actually feels best to forgive someone right away because it frees me. And it feels good to be free. ;o) Just love. "All you need is love." Even the Beatles had it right. :o)

I need to admit that all of these ideas and thoughts didn't just pop into my head. I read the "Power of Now" months ago...I am now into the fourth chapter of "A new Earth", both by Eckhart Tolle. I know there are a lot of haters on him and his ideas. But I think he is quite the genius. And he is a truly happy man...just watch him in an interview. Love pours out of him. And his books have given me some freedom from my own insane thoughts...we are ALL insane when living in our heads. Get out of your heads and into the moment you are in...know it. Life is so beautiful.

I WANT back this yesterdays moment... but I don't NEED it. Today will be just as good as yesterday and just like tomorrow will's gonna be great if I let it be. Every day is a gift and I intend on enjoying it. ;o) Peace out party people in the world. 

Bring back the love. xox

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