Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Day Two de la project.

As much as I am loving the gradual move in, I am also finding it quite exhausting. I am not complaining about it all by any means. It is just that each and every morning when I get out of bed I am deciding what I am going to box up and take over to the new place that day...how much should we bring...what for sure NEEDS to stay in our present home that we would miss if it were in the empty place?? It's also pretty much the last thing on my mind as I fall asleep each and every night...that AND imagining everything that I will do to the next place decorating wise and how I'll love to have a bath most nights and how I can't wait to wake up to the ocean and be ever so grateful to have it in my sights. ahhhhhhh...too much to think about! ha ha ha.

At 12:12 today I was at the new place with Maggie May...watching the tugboats bring a huge line of floating logs and place them in the waters below me for the next tug to come and haul it away. We waited for the "boys" to come with a load of heavy things. (another thing I am grateful for...friends who call you up to see if you need some help bringing stuff over because they have the vehicle to do so. {Clint and I both find it difficult to ask for help...we will often try and move just the two of us...has been done...Clint lifted our 130 lb 6' long couch all by himself!!} And Mitch Mitchell...he was da man today...offering up his truck and muscles to help with some more big items...YAY Mitch...Love you!!) Anyhow, I turned my view from the Tugboaters below to see my sweet Maggie lying on the couch...she just oozes cuteness and pure love. Walking over to her, I glanced at the oven clock in the kitchen and saw the fluorescent numbers shouting 12:12 at me. My camera was in my back pocket in anticipation of the exact moment. We are both tired looking in this pic...but happy to know that we are together in this move up and around the corner from where we are presently. We joke that Maggie will walk back here to visit our neighbours...she loves them...we do too. ;o)

Maybe I'll go back tonight and have a nice and relaxing bath. Calgon...take me away!

p.s. look at all of the one's and two's in the date and time today...heehee heeeeee!

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