Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Jour Trois...

Today ended up being a gorgeous and sunny day...out of the ordinary for what we have been getting lately...lots of grey. Everyone was out and about and enjoying the vitamin D...glorious! ;o)

Where was I at 12:12 today...not out in the sun at that exact moment...but I was surrounded by bright and shiny things that also made me feel happy. Gabriola the heart of "downtown" Gabriola. Where you can find locally made, pottery, photography, paintings, soaps, cards, carved wood. A lot of the talented artists living here sell their wicked cool works dans le beautiful shop/gallery de la Artworks. They even will sell you the finest of coffees (Gabriola Coffee) for you to sip on and browse the two levels of the gallery. If you are on the island...Artworks is a definite MUST see. I love being in fills me with creative energy. ;o)

At 12:12, I was admiring the jewellery of Kate Wood and the feather earrings and dream catchers of Genni Cooper. Two of my fabulous friends that make fabulous stuff! I love living on the Isle of the Arts! ;o)


p.s....I promise to get more creative with my photos...too preoccupied in my mind with the impending move...

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