Saturday, February 25, 2012 I am a time cheater...

I can't help but be completely's an excuse and I am sticking to it. Who's going to call me on it? Perhaps anyone who may be reading this...but really, what'cha gonna do about it? ;op ha ha ha ha!!!

I was totally prepared to remember the time yesterday. To have my camera with me at the ready for the clock to hit 12:12. I did not wear my special knew that I would be near a big clock so therefore not need the watch for that particular day. day started off VERY different than what I had imagined, even planned out in my head the night before as I tossed and turned and saturated my brain with thoughts of the move. Even thoughts of where some of my special knick knacks may look "perfect" in the new place. (I seriously can not wait til the week of March 4th, when we are settled and rocking it.) I was speaking on the phone, with my good friend Joelle the night before last about wanting to move all of our deck contents to the new deck yesterday morning. Being the amazing, awesome, sweet and helpful friend that she is...she offered her services...her two mighty strong hands and her hatchback. When I awoke yesterday was raining...not the typical soft misty rain. It was like coming down in big huge drops, convincing Maggie as she peeked out the front door to not even dare to go out for her morning wander. (she hates to get wet) We drove to pick up Veronica's truck and some of these massive rain drops had substance in them...almost causing them to be a solid "drop". What? Is it going to snow? I think there were some snow fall warnings in Vancouver...thankfully, it did not snow here. But it rained on all three of us as we loaded the truck with soggy, water drenched potted plants and planters...all of my "collected" pieces of beach wood...chairs and big umbrella. It wasn't a fun wasn't a terrible time. We laughed and joked while being water puked on from above...we got it all moved. (except for the BBQ) In Joelle's car we brought a few more boxes and the rest of our paintings from the walls...can't wait to have them hung up on the new walls. And I especially can not wait to see my beautiful "Marilyn" staring out to the sea. Her soft pink background and light blue feathery boa will suit the living room perfectly...she'll reflect all the blue from the sky and wavy waters outside. (the real Marilyn actually used to come to this area.there is a little island called Wallace Island...she would go there to spend time in the summers. I believe she filmed a movie there and that is how she discovered the paradise...I WANT to go there too!)

It's strange living in a home that is nearly empty. Most of our furniture, aside from that we sleep on and keep our clothes in, is at the new place. I really just want to be able to stay there now. We get to do the full on move in move day on Monday. Seems to far away for me! I can stay on the computer or watch TV til all hours of the night, these days. My mind is a racing, I tell ya! I wake up early too...I just can not sleep. It's all good. But, I forgot my 12:12 pm photo. I was at Woodfire Pizza with Joelle and Clint enjoying a "gluten free" pizza and peppermint tea. The would have been a nice picture! Well, it didn't happen, obviously...I did my first (hopefully last) cheat and took it at 12:12 am. Technically today...but it was the end of my yesterday. It counts.

Just starting to get a proper cuddle on to get to dozing. Goodnight Wensday...Clint was snoring before I woke him up coming to bed, turning on my lamp to take a picture. Ha ha ha!

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