Saturday, February 18, 2012

On the move...

I love it...I hate it...I stress about it...I savour every moment. Moving. The whole process does quite a number on my stress and anxiety and excited to the max levels. When we were first told that we had to move in the beginning of the year it completely stressed me out. We were leaving a few weeks later for Christmas vacation with the family and I was busy, busy creating my gifts for my 7 nieces and time to think about where the heck we are going to find a new place to rent. And as if I would want to come home from Texas, late on December 28th only to get our butts in gear to move out on the 31st. Baaah...that would be so gross. Plus we had til March 1st, if needed. But that nagging feeling in the back of my head that kept poking me and saying..."what are you going to do Pam...where are you guys going to live? You have to be out of this place sooooooon!" mind loves to torment me forcing sleepless nights of dreaming about a new home but running around trying to find the right one and being left homeless in the end. Man can our subconscious really kick the heck out of us! I was looking at Craigslist rental ads and every other place I could think of while we were away to see what was available on our little island. And I was really hoping for something that was sweet and beautiful and sunny...and not run down with a hint of musty mold in each room. (Pacific Northwest is wet...especially on the islands...old wooden cabins get moldy. not so goody.) Once we were back home and able to check out the available rentals...that is exactly what we were seeing. Run down places for rent. And anything that may have been good came fully furnished and was only short term rentals til June/July. (Oh the summer "residents") It was nearing the end of January and I was beginning to lose my mind. I was even trying to figure out if there was ANY possible way that we could get in the "I am a homeowner" market. But you need $$$ for that! lol

My Knightesses in shining armour came to my rescue. The lovely sister duo, amazing realty team of Carly and Robyn McMahon hooked us up with a new home buyer that bought his home for retirement purposes...which would happen in 10 years. So we could potentially rent this home for that amount of time...that sounds much better than having to move every year or two! Well, thank you Robyn and Carly...not only are you guys awesome women, talented artists, kick ass were the perfect middle women that brought a cool landlord and two fabulous tenants together. And I, for one, am truly excited for this move.

We get possession of the house at the end of the month. But...our new landlord has given us keys so that we have been able to start bringing boxes and furniture over throughout the month of February to make the transition easy peasy. (how cool is that? very cool! we already love our new landlord!) I enjoy doing it this way for a few reasons...1. I can reuse boxes as we (well, mostly Clint and so far our awesome Joelle and her muscles) haul things over and I unpack them...2. unpacking those boxes means that I don't have them to unpack after all is said and done...3. I can start arranging things as we go along and figure out the best way furniture works in certain spaces and yadda yadda yadda...4. I can do work and then reward myself with a bath in my new and perfect ocean view bathtub. (yes, my dream has come true...ocean view home...sweet bliss)...5. current home empties out making it very easy to clean as I go (I always leave a sparkling clean home for the next this case, the house is going up for a good clean is good for appearance)...6. we can bring Maggie to the new place and get her used to everything (being the old lady that she stuff can give her anxiety...we like to make it easy on her.)

It's all that I can think of these days...complete brain consumption. I am constantly dreaming of how sweet it will be to wake up in the morning and look out to the waves, the mountains and the cool tugboats coming and going and picking up and dropping off their long train of floating lumber. I am so excited to live in this new place. Have a home that is clean and newer and ocean view and deck space for entertaining and flowers and veggies and relaxation. I like new beginnings and that is what a move is for me. New digs, new furniture set up, new feng shui, new everything...I just want the time to go by fast because the butterflies in my stomach are going to start vomiting out of me like a stream of bats out of their dark cave at sundown. hee hee hee.

Here's a few snaps of our new ABODE...YES...I am terribly obsessed!!
 This is the view that I have whilst lying in the tub...Arbutus tree, ocean and mountain range. Plus, I can hear the eagles, sea gulls and cormorants speaking wildly to one another. What a way to relax my aching muscles! ;o)

This is Clint...hanging out on the deck off of the master bedroom (where the tub also is). I can not wait to have our little double swing chair set up and sip glasses of red wine while watching the sunset. Yes...this view is west...perfect sunsets each and every night. Maybe now our friends will visit us! lol

 Like I said...I have been unpacking boxes as I go along. I felt really excited to get my stemware out and start a cupboard. This is in the dining area right next to the living room (open concept), it is above what will be used as a "computer" desk. So I've got cookbooks on the left (kitchen side), reading books on the right (living room side), and party time in the middle! hee hee hee!
Oh how I love to set up a new home... :o)

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  1. It's gorgeous! I've been reading your blog for a little bit and had my fingers crossed that you'd find THE place. Boy, did you ever!

    I'm Lael. My grndparents lived on Gabriola and I spent every vacation I ever had there:) It's my favourite place. It's so cool to see it through your eyes and not just my memory!