Saturday, February 25, 2012

The three wieners...

Day 6 into my journey...249 days away from the extra special, once in a lifetime...second champagne birthday!! ha ha ha!

I got to watch the wiener dogs today...all three of them. Their momma and poppa have gone away and they were going to be alone today. I like them...Maggie likes them...they like Maggie...they like me. It's a win win situation all around. Six hours of chillaxing with the wieners, Maggie and some clay...yep, I got to play avec la clay. It's fun when you can just listen to some music and mold, shape and carve objects that make you feel excited. I get excited when I am making something. I imagine the colours that I will glaze it..think about using it or someone maybe using it and getting a smile on their face when they see it. I have been trying to make functional art out in ceramics to maybe sell at the Crafted Booty "Spring Fling" this Easter. Been making garden/herb cute! And now I am onto some planters (for cacti) and spoon rests with an attitude. (nice, nasty, flirty or sweet 'tudes) So, for instance...if I had a pretty little pot that had some fuzzy green dill weed growing in it with a little handmade ceramic stake, all colourfully glazed up...I would feel happy just looking at it. Seriously. That little inanimate object would bring a smile to my face and I would be super excited that it was in my potted dill. I am very visual...but my visual tastes all over the place. I enjoy the bright and loud colours of childhood fantasies and rainbows, but I love neutral looking and sleek lines of a modern piece of furniture...I LOVE the look of dried old wood and the wear of many years of separation from it's living foundation. I am very thankful for my sight...even when I can't see properly. If I take off my glasses and look at street lamps or bright lights, they have an aura. An aura you can't see with 20/20 vision...four eyes may not be all that bad after all!

Anyhow, I spent a lot of time playing with the three crazy wiener dogs today. At exactly 12:12 I was being mauled while lying on the floor of the studio, letting the dogs run all over me...they love it!
That is Rodney in motion...Mr. Pickles waiting for his moment to surprise attack and lick his stinky breath all over my face. Maggie, in the background, unimpressed. Angus...well, I think he was already sick of the jumping game and went to have a lie down by the wood stove. Oh, you sweet wieners! :o)

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