Sunday, March 4, 2012

Smile on...pass it on.

There are way more pros than cons when living in a small's a mere two reasons. Pro~ you run into people you know and even like, every single day...those that don't "know" you, but know you by sight will still smile, say hello or give you a nod of recognition. I like that. Pro~ because we all know each other, we can all be there for one another in whatever way we can. It's like a big old extended's great! ( long as you like family...I do.) I say this because I felt that there were too many "cons" living in a big community, like the big city. I am not saying that I didn't enjoy my life as a city girl...nor do I not like going to visit now. It's just that I have always wanted to be living "in the country" I am. And I love it. I loved the city for all of it's wonderful food...every corner I walked on I could find a different kind...sushi, pizza, Greek, Chinese, Pho, burgers and beer, Jamaican, Asian fusion, coffee shops, gelato, Mexican. They have amazing public transit that could take me anywhere I wanted within all the whole huge metropolis' in the Lower Mainland. I suppose something that I do end up missing from the city is can not go anywhere without someone knowing you out here, like I said. If you want to have a romantic dinner date...forget it. Everyone will come sit with you...but that is something that I also absolutely love and adore about my small community too. I don't think I could ever leave. of my major gripes while living in the cit, pre our move over to the peaceful paradise, was that I couldn't stand how no one could look you in the eye to smile as you crossed paths on the sidewalk or crosswalk or mall or elevator going up to your doctor's office. I love to at strangers, even say "hello, nice day eh"? I LOVE to smile at those that I know from seeing them around and they know me from seeing me around and we both acknowledge that knowing of one's nice. I especially love when I see someone that I really do know and shoot them a quirky smile and then give them a big old hug...sometimes a kiss! I love people...we are cool and crazy little beings. And we have so much emotion and spirit within us. We need to wake up and recognize that before we turn into zombies. 

We went to town today for "mural" supplies and some groceries. Stopped in at Home Depot to look for the stair carpets...they have them!!! Maggie comes upstairs wonderful. (I think that her sight is nearly gone and that is her troubles lately. she doesn't like to walk without knowing exactly where she is heading...and lately, she does not see where she is heading. Oh, sweet old lady.) While at le Depot de Maison, an employee was out cleaning up around the "leave your cart here" kiosk station thing. I heard him say something to Clint as he got out of the car. I was busy looking for Maggie's treats to satisfy her while we left her in the car to wait for us...wondering why we have left her alone. ha ha ha. I have no idea what she thinks about anything...her face just always looks so sad when we walk away from her we make dialogue for her. Anyways, this dude said something that I did not hear as I was busy. I kept hearing him repeat the same words, still unsure what he was actually trying to convey to anyone who would even listen as customers are hurriedly getting back into their cars to hurry and drive home to relax, cuz it's Sunday! ;o) I finally gathered up my purse, a shopping bag and heaved my twisted to the back seat body, out of the front seat and shut the door. Just as the door was closing I heard the dude...he said "Hey there...hope you have a good day." That is exactly what he had been saying each and every time I heard him...what the?? Not one single person had even stopped to say hello or thanks or anything back. This is unconscious behaviour...bad. No recognition at all for the guy who is now going to have to walk to the far side of this parking lot to pick up your shopping cart that you left on the mini boulevard because you were in too much of a hurry to bring it back where you picked it up from...the only reason you are so far away is because you don't trust anyone else in the world to be competent enough to not hit your big shiny red truck with their bumper as they park beside you. I said hello back to the guy and told him to have a good day and stay warm because it is a windy/drizzly day. :o)

Driving back to the ferry in downtown Nanaimo at 12:12 today. Tomorrow I hit the BIG city...Vancouver. Lord, help me! ;o)

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