Monday, March 7, 2011


they come in so many different ways. A new day...the sunshine...a morning walk with friends and Maggie...a warm insurance. ha ha ha ha!! Insurance on the brain. Ugh. I just realized that my car insurance expired at I am driving uninsured AND I also don't have a front plate. The front plate fell of somewhere along the way back in June. ;op Now I have to get two new plates and remember the new But, the blessing is that because I am such an awesomely fabulous driver with years of "street cred" I get the max discount every because I am "disabled" I get a further 25% off. Yeah baby...membership has it's privileges! hee hee!'s nice to have wee little car payments every month. Now, because I am going into the insurance place anyhow, I feel that I might as well get it all over and done with and change my tenants insurance too. Too much paperwork and small talk waiting for papers to print. I don't have the mind capacity to be talkative today. My mind is tired because my body is beaten down. I am having trouble thinking about what I am even writing about as I am typing it all out...huh? Blessings. ha!

I just really feel good today. This weekend we got a whole heck of a lot done in the house. LOTS of cleaning and putting of stuff away. Got the laundry area all spic and spanned...nice to clean clothes again. Clint got all of the storage boxes underneath in the crawl space...hooray!! That was a BIG job. Thanks my love. No way I could have even attempted doing it. But I was able to do muchos cleaning once all of the boxes were outta my way...which is all I needed. So now today I am trying to actually take it easy on myself. No cleaning. Maybe I can do a little more of putting stuff away...but maybe not. I was planning, originally to go to Nanaimo today and do a big costco/stuperstore run...but that is a lot of work actually. So, I met up with Frank, Jodie and baby Ferenz at Drumbeg first thing this morning for a lovely walk. Then back here for muffins and tea...yum! The place is ALMOST ready for entertaining. In a week for sure there will not be a single box in sight...I am just taking my time. It feels weird because generally I am done unpacking and cleaning within the first week. I feel a bit lazy because it is not all done. But I just need to take it easy...I am not able to be on top of things like I usually am...and that's okay. It is okay to let ourselves breathe once in a while and not break ourselves and stress out to the max over such minuscule things. My ocd is too much at times...take a breath...deep!

Anyhow...Drumbeg was beautiful as always. 9 am blessing of the sun sun on the water...yeah Gabriola!!!

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