Friday, March 11, 2011

Eggs = Energy for Walkies!

Mmmmmm...fresh, free range organic eggs. Nothing is quite the same. That is, if you fancy eating eggs...not everyone does. In fact, I was the biggest hater of eggs for most of my life. I only ate the whites when they were hard boiled...I would give my dad my yolk to eat. This would happen each and every Easter at the breakfast table while enjoying the Easter eggs we found hidden in the house. I enjoyed the colouring and dying of the hard boiled eggs...I just didn't want to have to eat them. The only other time besides Easter that I was ever given a hard boiled mom eventually had to force feed it to me, as I refused to put it in my mouth. She shoved the whole egg in my mouth...without a moments delay, the egg came spewing out of my mouth with such force that it flew out of the kitchen, through the family room and landed between the TV and piano. As it flew my brother yelled "Super Egg!!" Oh the memories. ha ha ha ha! Anyhow...I love eggs now. Especially when they don't come from a chicken all caged up and nowhere to go and nothing to do but lay. Boo. We bought some eggs from Russell's chickens the other day. Oh my. They are beautiful chickens...and they live in the most excellent coop and property. Their run is big and cool and has a better view than 90% of Gabriolans. These are happy chickens I tell you. And well taken care of. They lay the best eggs I have ever eaten...for real. He sells them out of a little shed at Peterson and South the anchor. Clint just painted some signage...the frame is still being built for it...
but even the sign will lure the people and they will never be unsatisfied with eggs again. Life will surely be sweeter for all that eat these wonderful eggs. Hee hee...maybe not, but you will have a delectable meal out of them and therefore feel happy because of it. And what an excellent way to start off your day. ;o)

So, yesterday I made myself a fried egg sandwich to give me some energy to get out of this house and enjoy a walk in the hood with Maggie May. In the carton of eggs that we bought was a Blue Egg!! Yes...BLUE. It looks so sweet nestled in the carton sitting pretty amongst the other little brown eggs. Well...I thought it looked so made me want to take a picture. ha ha! It's the little things in life that I truly do enjoy so much. ;o) The egg may be special because it is blue...but it is also still an egg and I bought the carton to eat all 12 eggs inside. So that is exactly what I did...crack.
Next, I added a brown one to the pan...crack.
The yolks on these eggs are also quite amazing. Big and delicious...soooo good for you. But, can't overdo the egg thing. C stands for cholesterol...eggs have a whole heck of a lot of that stuff. Good and not so good for you. Moderation is key as with anything else that is so yummy. And yummy was the perfect word for my fried
egg sandwich. I added some spices to the butter for the big fry...mmm. Then all I had to add to the bread was a bit of mayo. A dash of paprika to the fried eggs...and, because there were sesame seeds staring right at me...I sprinkled some of that on top of the eggs. And wouldn't you know...they actually tasted good on my sandwich. Pam's Fried Egg Sandwich...Supremo! The yellow colour is not mustard...that is free range happy yolk colour.

Anyhow, it was that very sandwich that gave me, Pam, the energy to get my lazy "but it's raining" butt outside and take Maggie for a nice walk. And a walk we took. It was lightly drizzling...just sprinkles on my jacket. I decided to walk up the main road to the side of our house. The new place is right on the corner of two roads...we have two driveways...
ooooh fancy! ;op It's a bit of an uphill walk. But it's not a huge stops quickly. But then you round a corner and there is a huge long hill. Downhill first. It always seems like downhill is so easy...but when the grade is at about 8-10% and it goes for 300 feet...your legs start to feel the burn. Maggie's legs were feeling it too. She was taking it really slow. But it was nice. The drizzle was barely there...we walked along a flowing rain creek...sounds so pretty. Taking that route is actually very peaceful I found out. There is only houses on one side of the road and they are surrounded by's a dead end road so it's not get peace. You get peace and really sore thighs. ;o) Walking up the hill was amazing exercise. My thighs were burning and I kept a good pace even while walking in my gumboots. Maggie looked like she was going to kick the bucket. She took it at her leisure...good on ya Maggie May! She had a great nap when we got home.

This morning we got up early and drove to the south end...Drumbeg...went for a stroll in the wind. I didn't know there was a giant earthquake in Japan. I heard after I got back from my walk. The waves seemed big...but it was super windy. We are supposed to see some effect from it. We'll see. I am sending love and prayers to all affected by the earthquake and aftermath. Peace.

...a little vid of our windy walk today...

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