Thursday, March 31, 2011

Shapely...but toned.

I have become accustomed to weighing 10 lbs more than usual...10 lbs and holding. I usually can put on 5-10 lbs when I go through an eat whatever I want when I want and lay around not doing too much...but then I go a week with no junk and lose it all. These days not so much...even walking Maggie is not exercise at all. We walk every day...but Maggie is more like an Eeyore type these days. Walking slowly and methodically down the street...grazing the ditches 50 steps behind til I stop and wait for her to catch up. And this happens even when I AM walking a slow pace. She is just an old lady that feels the need to take it really, really easy. And that is okay. I enjoy our walks...I enjoy sweet Maggie May. <3 But, she doesn't help me with getting my heart rate up. I am no spring chicken anymore...that's for sure. I need to get me some cardio at least 3 times a week to maintain a healthy 'everything'...just to be a basic, fit human. I don't need to be a marathon runner or fitness guru. I just need to be in somewhat decent not losing breath after walking up a small hill. My heart really would appreciate me taking care of I have to buck up and just do it.

I think I am going to try and start running again.Not that I've ever been a "runner" per se...but I have had my bouts of a month here, a month there, where I go running. And I enjoy it. My brother and sister have been running avidly for the past couple of years. Both entering marathons and feeling good about their accomplishments. I find it cool and inspiring...and wicked awesome how their bodies are in shape. Me...I am NOT in shape. My butt, as of recent, has an actual when I walk I feel the jiggle. I got some junk in my trunk! I guess it ain't all that bad. I complain about it...Clint enjoys it. ha ha ha!!! So, I am starting to feel okay about my extra weight. I just need to tone my new shape and feel healthy. Run and eat better. Make sure everything that goes into my body is good for me. We HAVE to stop buying the 4l pails of ice cream! They have been on sale for $5.99 for the last month...and we constantly have one in our freezer. Aaaaah!!! And is high time we stopped embarrassing...microwave popcorn! Sick!!! I NEED to start running.

Even at this moment I feel like I should be outside...enjoying the beautiful sun that is shining.

It's a gorgeous day. Maybe go for a Maggie walk then change and go for a 20 minute run. I have to slowly work my way to be able to run for an hour. Argh...discipline. I so do not have it. I am good with the will power. I smoked for a very long time and enjoyed it. Yes, I actually really enjoyed smoking. I found it deliciously satisfying. Also...sick! The cravings supposedly never go away. And I have noticed that. I quit 6 years ago. Yet sometimes, after I have had a drink and someone is smoking...I feel like asking for "just a drag"? But I don't. I keep repeating in my head how I don't want to stink or have the taste in my mouth. Because, second I take that drag in, I regret it. It DOES taste gross to me. It doesn't taste as good as I remember. It's toxic...huffing on an exhaust pipe. ha ha ha ha! Sorry my smoking friends. They do say ex-smokers are the worst non-smokers! So, that'd be me. Sorry.

Anyhow, the sun is sparkling now...mannequin arm is calling me to get out there and make my shape look good! ;o)


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