Thursday, March 10, 2011

The rain in Spain makes me insane...

Not exactly Spain here...but it sure is raining like mad again. I mean, the rain ain't all that bad. There are some things that I actually do like about the wet stuff that so often spouts out of our skies out West. The sound of the rain on a tin/metal roof and sky lights...peaceful sounds that can lull you asleep. And the fact that winter rain is bone chilling, those peaceful sounds make cozying up with a burning wood stove so much better. I really wish there was some chopped firewood right now...I would roar me up a fierce and hot fire! I am not the greatest at chopping...I have done it mind you...and I ain't as terrible as you may think. It's just way hard for me to do. and right now I can barely hold my arm up to don't think attempting some wood chopping would do any one any good. ;op So, I will fire up the propane forced air furnace heat when I feel too much of a chill. I love it. All I need to do if I am feeling cold is turn the thermostat on and to 20. 1 minute later hot air starts blowing out of the floor vents and into my nice, dry home. Life of luxury out here I tell ya. I feel quite spoiled...thanks LL Cool Jans. (that's what I call my landlord...he's cool) ha ha!

Interesting...I think the rain may have actually just stopped. I hope that is it for today. I want to go walking with Maggie. Normally, the rain does not deter us from taking our daily walks. But, that was when we were a less than 10 minute walk to the best beach on Gabriola. Walking on the beach in the rain is are mostly 100% alone...beach all to yourself. Sweet perfection. At the new place, we have a neighbourhood to walk in...just not quite the same. I guess it is a little like the city to me and so kind of bums me out. Wow, I totally sound like a South end snob! ha ha ha haaaa! It is sooooo NOT like the city here. I didn't really mean that. All I meant to say was that I liked our neighbourhood before for the peace and quiet, privacy and hardly ever seeing anyone. Perfect for hermitting. On this street we actually have neighbours right beside us...they happen to be awesome though...thanks goodness!! It is an actual Gabriola Neighbourhood. Houses side by side. But far away side by the space in between the homes on my street range from 30-100 feet. In the city it's more like 10-15 feet. So case in new hood is not's just more densely populated. And that is okay. hee hee hee

I guess I am going to have to actually get dressed now. Time to go for walkies. Oh, I got to have eggs! ;o) While walking, Maggie and I can reminisce about the good old days and beach walks and treasures we find along the way. And we'll make new memories in the new hood. Ba-bye Starfishies...til we meet again.

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