Friday, March 18, 2011

Gobble, Gobble, Gobble, Gobble.

I love turkey...they are pretty cute/ugly birds...and they taste awesome to boot! lol Do you know what I mean by cute/ugly?? Like Mick Jagger. He is sexy/ugly. He is not the most attractive guy in the world...but he knows how to work it. He is a very cool rock star and he's got the moves. Seriously. Watch an old Stones Video like "Start Me Up". I LOVE his "pigeon" dance! He's awesome. But he is no turkey. Or maybe he is. My dad always calls bad drivers and people that tick him off turkeys. Ha ha ha! I can remember sitting in the backseat while dad was driving and when someone cut him off or did some bonehead maneuver dad would yell "You turkey!!!" hee hee. Also, my dad is really good at doing the turkey sound. I wish I had it on audio so I could listen to it over and over sometimes. Makes me laugh so hard. But, it's even funnier to see his face when he does it! He has some awesome jowls...they move pretty sweet when he shakes his head. So maybe I wish I had it on time I see him...I will vid him doing it. Just for my own giggles! ;o)

Gobble gobble gobble gobble what is called out the window of my car yesterday morning while driving to the Village. We have Wild Turkeys living in our neighbourhood. There are 3 males and I think 4 or 5 ladies. They are always walking up Dirksen Rd near the cop shop...taking up the road so you actually have to honk at them to make them move. It makes me laugh...out loud. Anyhow, yesterday the 3 males were on the side of the road. The one dude had his tail feathers all spread out as my car approached them. I think he was thinking of charging me. They are very temperamental, these Wild Turkeys here. Like I think the one guy has a hurt foot from probably getting hit by one the passing cars because he chased it! ;op So, I slowed down to a crawl as I was beside them...rolled down my window and started to gobble as dad would do. Well...the big puffed up dude kind of shrank back and joined the other two dudes who must have been just as perplexed as big ol' puffy feathers. He must have been saying to himself... "Why is there a turkey in that car"? I am boasting of my very own turkey gobble sound making...I'm pretty good at doing it. Years of mimicking my dad, I guess! lol I would like to run into the turkeys when I am on my bike or walking. I wonder if they would allow me to approach them...maybe even pet them! That would be awesome. I don't need to eat these guys even though I'm sure they are quite tasty. These guys have got major personality. They are street stalkers! I need to find out what turkeys like to eat...maybe chicken!

I will have to get a better photo of them. I have this lame as it is. There was someone driving behind us so Clint wouldn't stop to let me take a better pic. But they are ALWAYS around. Maybe Maggie and I should go for a little walk. :o)

Here's to the Wild Turkeys...may they live long and prosper!

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