Saturday, March 26, 2011

Could it actually be spring??

I love the whole darn year...I can't ever pinpoint an exact season that I love the most. There are so many things about all four of them that I truly do love and enjoy...even feel blessed about. But, right now, it's spring. And I am really loving it. Going for a walk down at Drumbeg this morning was an incredibly pleasant surprise. The cherry blossoms are out!! There were for sure about a dozen trees that were in full bloom. All white pink at the Park. I love the pink flowers when they line the streets in the big old stink...AKA Vancouver. It makes the city waaaay prettier than any other city in the spring. In Manitoba, you know that it's spring when the snow melts away and leaves behind the stench of melting dog poo. Oooohhhhh breathe it in!! ha ha ha! I remember walking down the streets in the spring and having to last a minute or two without taking a breath while you are walking through a minefield of sidewalk turds. Like do the dog owners actually think that the poo their dog leaves there will just magically disappear along with the snow?? NOT!!! Anyhow, I love the West Coast spring anthem...blossoms and bulbs. I've seen a ton of daffodils out already too. My tulips are poking out of the pots they are in...yippee!!

Spring. It means time to wake the heck up...get out of the winter funk that you feel after months of dark rainy days being holed up inside your home. Hermit time galore. I don't mind the solace of winter. I don't even mind the dreary days as long as I can get out for a nice walk on the beach with Maggie...double happy when Clint comes too. The first blooms always make me want to get busy and get at 'er. You know...make things happen. We are doing some mega yard clean up here. I like the long as you get to reap the benefits of that said hard work. Nice to look out your windows out to a beautiful yard. It makes life truly does. Lifts the spirit...and I am ALL about lifting the spirit.

I had to lift my spirits today. Spring. EVERYONE and their dog is preggers. I guess it's not just because it's spring. It seems like in the last 6 months so many of the lovely women around me are getting knocked up. ;o) And it's good. Good to have babies around. Good to keep the world fresh. It really does make me happy when friends and acquaintances announce their pregnancy. What could be better news? But...there is still a soft little voice inside of my head that wants to scream like a baby. It yells in my head, "OUGHT...why does everyone get to be pregnant but me"??? It still is a little hard on my ego. We tried for years to get pregnant. There was nothing wrong...still isn't anything wrong with either of us in terms of fertility. Clint has good swimmers, I have good tubes and ovaries and a lovely cervix I have been told! ha ha ha! So all is in good working just ain't panning out...yet. I still have faith. But, I can't hold all of my eggs (not trying to be punny here) in that one basket. I am the best Auntie ever...I truly am...ask my nieces and nephews. They are the world to me. :o) I also a surrounded by amazing girlfriends with their beautiful children that I enjoy so very much. And I know that the kids love me to. Why?? Well, I am just big old kid myself. So we just have a great time together. So forever I will be happy to be the lady that all children love when they meet me. :o) That I feel proud about. I am not bragging...just saying. ;op But, I do still get the little itsy, bitsy twinge of jealousy when I hear someones exciting news. I am so stoked for them...stoked to meet the newborn...stoked to get to know this new little human...but still wishing I could be stoked for myself. So weird how we are that way. It's all about the do we stop it?? Living in the moment and just being there and being happy about everything that is a good thing. Because good tings are good for everyone...makes sense to me.

So blossoms are on the tree...babies are blossoming in bellies and some are blossoming in the outside world too. It's a time of birth all around. And I love it. I love it all. It makes me feel happy to be alive and share my life with those around me.

Happy Spring!!!

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