Tuesday, March 8, 2011


It's just too much work! Changing music over...you know...from cd to Ipod. We have like a gazillion cds between the two of us. Sitting here at my computer and ripping each one to my Itunes could take me months and months of monotonous computer work. Open cd drive/put cd in/close cd drive/wait for it to notice cd spinning/choose rip cd/add to Itunes/add track names if needed/eject cd/put next cd in/close cd drive...and continue to do that about 500 times. I have no idea really how many cds we do have. There is a ton of them though...that, I do know. And we still buy cds once in a while. They come pretty cheap for some oldies but goodies. Even new cds seem like they are priced fairly reasonable these days. But really, who wants to waste all of that space on cds. I love having the album art and all that comes with that...but so much space is required to have that. This is our "cd rack".
It looks like about 500 cases to me. Plus the blue case you can see in the bottom shelf holds 120 cds...those are all of the cds that I burned and ones that were missing or had broken cases. In the last place it looked so much worse because all of the cds were out. And when a cd gets played...they don't get put back in their case when a new one gets put on. Well, that is until I get to the stereo and find the amazing mess of loose cds, open cases , beer cans or coffee cups, album covers out...I just sigh and find the proper cases for the cds that are left out to get scratched and broken. No...I do not have a problem with it at all...I do not obsess over cds not being put away. Ugh. Yes I do. Sorry honey for my craziness...it's not as bad I make it out to be...just my insanity kicking in. But at least my insanity helps keep the place somewhat in order for the most part. hee heee heeee! Anyhow, I am getting rid of a lot of cds now too. Stuff we NEVER listen too. Or cds that were burned for me I will just put on itunes and give away the cd. Good stuff I tell ya. ;o) Time to buy a stronger Ipod...mine is 1gb. Don't laugh at me...I bought it like 4 or 5 years ago and it still cost me nearly $200!! Anyways, buy a new ipod and docking station and arrive in the age of higher technology. Now where to get the $ from! lol

Funny how these things are always changing. I never bought records myself. My parents owned a ton of them and I played them all of the time. But we also had tapes...the "new technology" at the time. So when I started buying my own music at age 10, I was purchasing tapes. And by the time cds were all of the rage I probably had about 4-500 tapes. And it's not like there was any technology to transform your tapes into cds. You just had to start replacing them. That was a costly procedure. But you could also at the time bring your old tapes into "Into The Music" on Osborne St in Winnipeg and make a bit of cash. If they were tapes that they were looking for you'd get $2-$4 a tape. They didn't take everything obviously. So let me think for a moment. I believe the first time that I bought a cd for myself I was 19 years old. It was for my first apartment with my roommate Merrit. She had a stereo that played cds...tapes too...but cds sounded cool and they were so easy to use. I guess I did have Madonna's Immaculate Collection already. My sister in law bought it for me...but back then she was just my brother's girlfriend. :o) That was for my eighteenth birthday. And I lived at home still listening to all of my brother's music...playing his cds in the living room stereo. (My 'Ghetto Blaster' only played tapes and radio.) Anyhow...after that I was hooked on buying them...slowly dwindling my tape collection. Although, I still have about 15 tapes. I just can't let them go. I don't even listen to them...I just want to have them. Hoarder!!! ha ha ha haaaa!

It's all just a process I don't like. Change is good I know...but I also enjoy what I am comfortable with. So I eventually plug in. Another new technology item I would like one day is a lap top. Imagine that...freedom to be in whatever room you like and still be able to do what you need. Wow...technology. Maaaaan, it's good but it's also annoying. Peace out.

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