Monday, April 4, 2011

Oh my little Wensday

I wish I could cuddle up a furry ball of warmth and peace. Look at Wensday. She's got no problems. There is always food when she asks, cuddle times when she wants, litter box cleaned, (she doesn't go outside...raised for first three years as an indoor) snacks given when cute faces made...which is a lot! She has a pretty sweet life for a cat. Her portly figure can attest to that fact. She is not a "FAT CAT", more of a little round fur ball and a tiny head. ALL of her is sweet though. That, I know as pure and true. She will cuddle with anyone...even Maggie these days. Since Maggie was attacked and healing from the wounds, Wensday has sat beside her more often than not. I feel that she is trying to be comforting to Maggie. She must sense the stress that Maggie has been feeling. It's not everyday a lovey, dovey old lady dog like Maggie gets bit by a misbehavin' dog. But, it does happen unfortunately...and Maggie is a mega trooper...All Star! Anyways...she was feeling quite low there after the incident and Wensday was giving her more love because of it. What a sweet kitty. Wensday generally is quite jealous of Maggie and the affection that we have for her. I guess it doesn't allow her to have us 100% of the time anymore. And when we leave the does Maggie. It's the way kids always feel their siblings get more attention than them. But Wensday is the one who gets to sleep on the bed in between our heads to cuddle throughout the I feel it's fair.
Wensday likes to help me with everything I do. If I am on the floor reading the Sounder News
she will be sitting right on top of it...I mean should I not always pay full attention to her. When I am trying to do something like playing around with cross stitch...she sits on my lap because it makes it, oh so much easier for me to
actually hold everything between my knees AND stitch. Ha ha ha! Right now she is on my lap...sitting, instead of laying so that her paws are digging into my things. She stands so hard! I can especially feel it in my right thigh where I have the "triple" section of bone. (from my last surgery where they cut in half a 2.5" section of femur and let it blend to the outside of the bones once pushed back together...that is the short explanation) But I won't make her move. I like her being there. I love her and she loves me and we are family so it's the way it should be. :o)

Just felt like writing something about her today because she is such a sweetie...and I suppose I do at times feel guilty because I rave about Maggie A LOT! And we have had Maggie in our lives for just over 2 years. I brought Wensday home 14 years ago this month. She is my real baby! Oh little Wendy Wiener!

This is Wensday hanging with us at the bonfire...she has to
be a part of every family bonfire. She'll find herself a little MY SEAT...and just sit and watch us roasting marshmallows and cooking oysters or whatevs. She just has to be a part of the fun. Can't wait for
bonfires at the new place!

Look at that face. She is such a cutie pa-tootie that is for sure. Cheers to you Wenny Woo!

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