Friday, April 1, 2011

Walking Maggie & picking up chicks.

I do believe that taking Maggie on a walk is my favourite part of each day. Although, I will admit that there are days that I really need to motivate myself to actually get out there. It's hard when it's raining and chilly and I just want to be indoors. But the second we are outside and Maggie is happy with the realization that we are about to venture out exploring all the's more about the smells to her at least. She constantly stops to smell EVERYTHING that is en route to our destination. Usually it is probably just pee from another dog...she likes to know who is walking her hood. She has also been known to smell the flowers too. If you smell the top of her head, she actually smells sweet like a flower or something. She is just a sweet old lady...and I love her. :o)

Yesterday, after walking in our neighbourhood, I thought it would be nice to go buy some annuals from Wild Rose to plant on our deck. Then we could also stop by the farm to meet the newcomers. So we drove down to the South end to visit with Bob and check out the new chicks in the coop that hatched on Tuesday...Clint even was there that day and witnessed a bit of it all. Sooooo cute! They are so exhausted from just pecking a hole in the shell and causing the crack. Poor little fellas! The first few hours are a little tiring. But yesterday...all heated up in their quiet part of the coop...they were cheep cheeping away and enjoying some cuddles with us. Maggie had decided to walk around the property to enjoy some new smells and we introduced ourselves to the chicks. 22 of them are from eggs that the hens laid on the farm...25 of them they got from another organic farm. Oh man.

These little guys are absolute heart breakers...don'cha think? I could have spent hours inside that super warm and red glowy coop. I only picked up and cuddled with four of them. Time was ticking and we had to go look for Maggie. She was out of eye sight when we went into the coop. She would only ever just wait at our car if she couldn't find us...but I don't like to give her undue stress. When we came back out into the fresh air and beaming sun, there was Maggie May...50 feet away from us. She was wandering into the big field, obviously searching for us. We called to her as soon as we saw her...but she is deaf. It's funny yelling at your dog when when is definitely within earshot...but she is completely oblivious to the calls. We are flailing our arm(s) like idiots running up to her. She finally knows we are there when I give her a pat on her bum. The tail starts wagging! Oh Maggie. How I love thee! She is happiest when at our sides...or in the backseat of the car. As long as she is with us she feels safe and secure. And that is all I want her to feel. Just feel our love Maggie...our love will keep you around forever...right?? ;o)

All guys gonna follow me on a walk today?? Let's go!!! (tomorrow I will start to run...)

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