Friday, June 10, 2011

The Big Game...

Well, one of the big games is on tonight. It's 5:19 as I write this...and most people in BC are probably watching or listening to the Canucks game tonight. I guess they had better win. There will be a whole lot of disappointment if they do not. I haven't even watched one game of the playoffs. And not because I don't care...I mean it would be a really nice thing if the Canucks won. They have gotten pretty close in the last few years. So perhaps it is their time to bring the cup home. All right, sure...Go Canucks Go!! ;o) I am obviously not a fan of the sport...not really a fan of any sport I suppose. I like watching a live game of any friends playing softball in the 4:20's, CFL game (it's been many, many years since I seen one of those. Go Bombers!!!), my friends playing softball in the 4:20's, even high school games like volley ball...I used to play. ;o) I just don't see it as something I want to take my time to do. And Clint is also not a sports of the MANY reasons I love him. Like, right now he is listening to The Stranglers and painting. I am not even sure that he knows there is a game on. (I just asked him...I think he said..."yeeeah" in an unsure tone of voice) I am glad he would rather be creative and produce something so amazing than waste a few hours of his night in front of the TV. We waste enough hours on the boob tube. Not so much now that it is summer...thank goodness! Anyways...I might take a gander at the game and check it out. Playoff game hockey is actually very exciting. The only hockey that IS worth watching actually. So, I have to at least watch one or two games. I have heard these games have had a lot of fights in them. I an NOT a fan of that. I like the Olympics fighting and it is always a good game. And, they are not even being paid $6-10 million to do it. It's for the love of the game...I think at least. I have no idea if they are nowadays paid for playing in the Olympics.

That's about all I have to say about that. I'm not a fan. I apologize to the many, many hockey fans out there. I am by no means saying that hockey is not a good sport. It is. And games are fun. I went to Canucks game once...we were 14 row s up from ice so it was pretty exciting. I enjoyed it. I am glad to have had the experience. I can also say that I am really happy that Winnipeg is getting an NHL team back. I think the long string of losses by the Jets made the Winnipegers lose hope and stop caring about why they are really there...for the love of the sport...the game. You go to enjoy watching people play their best and do incredible things. And it really doesn't matter who is all about being outside, enjoying some fresh air, getting some exercise or enjoy watching others get the exercise while you cheer them on. ;o) It`s fun. That`s why it is called a game. you that enjoy watching the game...I say just that...Enjoy the game! Wicked if the Canucks really would be sweet. ;o)

Goooooo Canucks Goooooo!!!

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