Friday, June 24, 2011


I love the number twelve...J'aime le numero douze...Ich liebe die Nummer zwölf! It is not my favourite number...that would be 66. (why #66?? that is a whole other story.) I was born on the twelfth day of the twelfth month. 12-12!! Almost on a daily basis I see 12:12 on the does Clint. He thinks it is special and another tiny thing that connects us. ;o) I almost always see 11:11 and 1:11, sick and mini-stick time daily too...oh yeah...and 12:34. All fun times to notice! ha ha...if you get a kick out of the incredibly simple things in life. I get a kick out of it. I like the numbers. I like license plates too. Sometimes you can play with the numbers and make something up in your own head cause it's fun to do...especially when you are really bored of driving around. And it doesn't even have to make sense really. as long as you find it amusing in your own world and it brings a smile to your face. Smiles are always good, no matter what caused them. Years ago our truck license plate was 714 AJR. 71 was Clint's year of birth...74 mine...714. AJR...A Junior. It was like the numbers were aligned and we would have a kid! ha ha ha! Oh so cute! At least we thought it was.

I am also really good at remembering numbers. It never helped me with math, as that was my very worst subject ever...although I have always been an excellent cashier in my life. I can tell you in seconds what your change will be back no matter what $$ you pass me. (another thing I was good at besides being a  hostess with the mostess...I was cashier supremo!) I still remember some of my best friends phone numbers from elementary...Laura Watts was 257-7057...Sandra Beauchamp was 257-3526. Our Greenhouse business numbers were 255-8866 and 253-1866. I even remember the number for McDermot Ave Baptist Church...775-8096!! Too funny. I wonder whose numbers they are now. My obsession even goes as far as to me being precise with the number of minutes something takes. This drives Clint nuts! But my girlfriends thought it was funny the other day. It was Solstice and we were on Mudge Island. The lovely Veronica took us for a quick walk to visit her parents and see the home she grew up in...(nicest property ever!!! Paradise!)she said it was a 4 minute walk from Chad's place where we were enjoying a lovely evening with a cob oven and homemade pizza! When we got to the property I said..."Veronica, this was not a 4 minute walk"...she turned around to look at me wondering what I could possibly say...I said "It is more like 7 minutes!" ha ha ha! Not that the 3 minute difference even made a difference. I am just precise. ;o)

Last night, Clint commented on a daisy painting I did years ago. He was thinking that it was pretty cool how I did everything in 12's..."Was it on purpose?" What? I didn't even know. 12 petals, 12 dashes and 12 squares. I guess my brain just functions in a dozen at a time! ;op (whatever that means?!?) That got me thinking about all of the other 12's that have passed through my life. Growing up one of my very best friends was Kendra Sass. We were tight! When we were younger, her address was 1212 Kildonan Dr. Is that a kawinky dink? I think not. We were destined to be friends. ;o) On my champagne birthday...turning 12 on the 12th day of the 12th month...I decided to have a slumber party. A blizzard started that day. Only one friend showed up...bummer I thought. But, Tara was recently moved from NWT. So when the heavy snow stopped, we went into the backyard and built our very own igloo! It was awesome! I wouldn't have learned to do it without her showing up to our special blizzard slumber party! Thanks Tara wherever you are!!! ;o) That birthday got me thinking about my NEXT champagne birthday. I'm sure a lot of people get to have two in their lives. But not all. So I feel that it is special. Next year I will have my December 12th birthday in 2012!! (9days before the end of the world...LOL) and I feel it will be incredibly special. For this time I CAN drink champagne...even if it's not my favourite...I am a big girl now! Just something new for me to look forward to. Yippeeee!!!

It truly is the simple things in life that we can enjoy! ;o)

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