Thursday, June 16, 2011

Oh my word!!

I just can't believe...I mean, I guess I can believe that it actually happened. I have seen rampant idiocy in actual real life, in front of my face, but so much more in the news always. And last night I had to watch it on TV, in the beautiful city of Vancouver that I called home for 8 years...I had to watch the chaos ensue over the loss of the Stanley Cup, with downtown Vancouver getting pulverized by hoards of drunk, foolish and foot stomping like an angry child, kids. They were kids. The ones that have been caught by still shots and those that were videotaped by news crews and tons of onlookers...the majority of them seemed to be in the age range of 15-25. For this what a drunk temper tantrum looks like? There were even some stupid drunk older men getting in to some of the earlier action of the evening. There is a photo of this dude, probably 45, running out of a tuxedo shop with two new suits in hand. Loser. Another photo is of a girl...maybe 20, passing out Coach bags from inside a broken store front window. Photos of newspaper boxes getting thrown through store front windows and the bank. Photos of boys flipping cars over and starting them on fire. (I can't even imagine the millions of $$ of personal insurance claims for cars alone.) Who does this stuff?? Well, the people whose faces are spread all over Facebook and Twitter and You Tube...these are the morons who do these kinds of horrible acts. And what are they acting out on? There is no political crisis (besides the fact that we have a conservative!), no dictator taking away any freedom that we have, no other Country is trying to push ours down...nothing is happening to warrant a riot in the streets. I don't really believe a riot is ever good...but they can happen when people's passion heats up because of massive turmoil. But a riot because of losing a game? There is some deep rooted something in all the kids doing the destroying...I hope their parents see that and get them some help. Or even try talking to them their self. We all need guidance sometimes...and that's okay. But, I guess this all has happened before. I vaguely was 1994 and the Canucks lost in game 7 of the finals. I lived in Winnipeg...we were losing our Jets...that is all I remember about hockey that year. There was a riot Downtown Vancouver that year. It made the city weary about ever allowing such a big public event again. Then we were given the chance to prove to the world that we can play games and have fun no matter what. The Olympics were hosted in February 2010 in Vancouver & Whistler. There was a minor riot that a group of anarchists started to oppose the games and the $$$ that go in to were smashed in downtown and it was ridiculous to watch. That got sorted quickly. After that, Vancouver did an amazing job as Host to the world. It was an exciting time. We even went to Vancouver to stay with friends to watch the gold medal hockey game. It was thrilling...the excitement and fervor...the feeling of pride for being Canadian and living in such a beautiful province that tourists are in awe over. It was great. Go Vancouver!

Boston shuts out the Canucks in Game 7 with a score of 4-0 in the final game to win the prestige of Lord Stanley's Cup. Boston is happy. And they should be...their team played a most spectacular game. It was a great game to watch actually. Two amazing teams battling it out til the bitter end. The Bruins just played a more solid game and therefore took home the Cup...good for them. And I bet even the Boys...the Canucks feel this way too. They did their best, but it just wasn't enough...and that's okay. A new season starts in September...all is NOT lost. Cheers to you Canucks for making it to the Finals! And three cheers to the Bruins for winning the Stanley Cup! ;o) I know it is sad. I also know AND understand that every single Canuck and Canuck fan is feeling sad today. I feel sad and I don't even care about hockey...but I fully expected to watch the Canucks beat the Bruins. I believed! ;o) So, it makes me feel sad for the team because I know they wanted it did their millions of fans. And almost all of those millions are sad but okay...and still proud of the team they love for doing such a good job. It's that teeny, tiny little group of fans and then just plain dumb troublemakers who just went to cause destruction...they ruin it for all. So to all of you children...boys and girls...learn from your mistakes and NEVER repeat. You are not pack doesn't have to be monkey see monkey do when it comes to immature and irresponsible and criminal acts. So get the heck out there today and help the city get cleaned up. And then do some more for your city some how. Clean up the litter in your neighbourhood. Learn some respect for the beautiful place you call home. Grow up.

Peace out Canucks and loyal fans! The sun is out...the air is sweet...the birds are IS a good day! :o)
Don'cha wish pics could be scratch and sniff? Nothing like a good huff of Wysteria...mmmmmmmmm!!

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