Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Rat a tat tat tattoo!!

I like tattoos. I am by no means am covered in them...I have only 4. I just think it's cool that you can love an image and then have it inked into your skin so that you can always see and enjoy it. It's also always a great story...the reason you chose that image, or how it came to be. My cousin and her sister-in law...who would be my cousin through marriage...are wanting to get their first tattoos. Not that I ever talk to them...I just creep on their Facebook pages like I do to everyone else! ha ha ha!! (Isn't that what FB is all about? I know I get creeped on...who doesn't?) Anyways...I saw them chatting about it so I emailed them both to suggest a specific guy to get their first tat from.  Art Godoy at Funhouse Tattoo on Cambie St in Vancouver. He is so amazing. He inks it like no other man. I got a daisy on my shoulder by him back in 2001. It is a cute little Gerbera...but it's done perfectly. Exactly how I wanted it to look. 2 years ago I got Clint a gift certificate at Funhouse for Christmas. He got some super amazing, realistic sparrows done on his arm by Art. That is his first tattoo...I hope he gets more. ;o) The sparrows, who mate for life, signify him and I...plus, his dad also had sparrows flying around a mailbox that said Lil (Clint's mom who died in 1973), so it is a tribute to his parents too. (his dad died in 2002) Tattoos are just cool. You don't need to have any if you aren't into it. My parents think I am nuts for the wee little tats that I have. But I think they are great! I do what I want! ha ha ha ha!

I want to share my little tat stories...

No...it is not a blurry photo. That, is my first tat...18 years ago it was inked on my left butt cheek! ;o) When I was 18, my girlfriend Mel and I went to Minneapolis for a couple of nights. Mel already had a tattoo...a vine around her ankle. I wanted something so bad. We found a little parlour and went inside to inquire. They could fit us both in right there and then...yikes! Mel knew already that she wanted a treble clef below her navel. I didn't know what I wanted so started looking at the wall tattoos. (I would not suggest this process...I was young) I found this pretty little red rose...and it was only $35...perfect! Mel got called in first. Her guy was young and cute. I couldn't wait to get called in..."Pam?" It' was a big...like probably 400 lb older dude (maybe 40...but seemed so ancient to me), and he brings me back into his room. "What do you want...where do you want it?" He told me to undo my pants and pull them down enough so that he could get to my cheek. I laid down on my belly...4 feet in front of my face there was a small B&W tv that was playing Hamburger Hill ...super bloody war movie. Then he offered me a lifesaver lollipop! ha ha ha! MY butt was getting tattoed by a large man while watching a bloody and horrible movie but enjoying a sweet lolli! Awesome! And...it did not hurt one iota! Too much fat on yer bum! ;o)

This is not the greatest pic of my snake tat...but I love this photo. Taken about 5 years ago by my good friend Syx Langemann of BlackFrame Studios . It is just a little black snake...another choice from the wall tattoos...it was only $40! What a deal. This one was done in Winnipeg when I was 19 years old at Winnipeg's Finest Tattoo's in Osborne Village. I just really wanted another tattoo that day and walked right into the parlour and got it done. I was in and out of there in 30 minutes! It was a little more hurty than my butt because he kept going over and over the same spots to make the black stick. Well, it stuck. I like my little snakey! ;o)

(I love this photo...me and my Omi on her 80th birthday.) Again, not the greatest photo of my daisy tat...but I like it because I am holding a big ol' daisy and my Omi is holding me. She HATES my tattoos...even though she can admit that they are pretty...she still says they are ugly. ha ha ha...I love you Omi! I was 27 years old when I got this tattoo. And I actually put a lot of thought into it. I wanted it to mean something to me this time. Oh...but it's just a simple little daisy. Well, there is much about it that is significant to me. Daisy; my favourite flower, symbol of peace (daisy in the barrel of a gun), symbol of happiness (who doesn't smile and feel happy when they pass a field of daisies), strong flower (it can grow in the worst of conditions and thrive). I drew it, but Art re-drew it, cause my drawing was incredibly childlike...it was just a proto-type anyways! ;o) I asked him to colour it purple, my favourite. It has only one pretty leaf...the left! It's perfect in every sense of the word. I love it so much. Simple yet so very meaningful...to me. And, for the record...this one did not hurt at all. Art is so gentle. ;o)

Last, but certainly not least is my foot daisy. I got this one done in September 2009 by Russ at Black and Blue Tattoo in Nanaimo. Yep, another daisy. I love them..it's true. I will probably get more, just so you know! ;o) I have wanted a foot tattoo forever. Clint and I happened to walk over on the ferry to Nanaimo this one particular September day. Black & Blue is pretty much right there when you walk off the ferry. I was like..."let's just go in and look at their books." Dude, Russ, was in and we talked about a foot tattoo for me...and what I would like. He said he could do it right there and then. I wasn't exactly ready, but I WAS ready. He drew it up. I loved it. I said..."Go at it, my brother!" It took just over an hour. I will not lie and say it didn't hurt. There was some hurty spots...like right on the freakin' toe tendons...OUCH! But I acted all calm like it was no big deal. hee hee. But, you know, it really ain't that bad. It's not as painful as people imagine it to be. It is a sort of pleasurable pain...soothing almost. It can put you in a trance like state. The buzzing of the needles...brings you somewhere else. I like the pain. ;o) (this photo was taken by Nausher Banaji last summer when Vancouver Photo Workshops was on Gabriola doing a Nude in the environment workshop taught by Syx Langemann.)

So...those are my tattoo stories. Do you remember yours...or maybe you need to start making them! ;o)

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