Monday, June 20, 2011

Sex, Drugs & Rock and Rooooooll!!!!

How many times have I heard that saying...and always in a high pitched, screaming voice  with the devil rock fingers up high in the air. Can you hear it? Yeah, is good. But REAL sex is awesome when it is with the person you love and are sharing your life with. That's what Isaac Hayes referred to as "Makin' Love"...anything less is just plain old sex. Still might be fun but it's worthless...and can leave you feeling worthless too. Same with drugs. Sure, you can have some fun time on some "recreational" drugs. I've been there in my life time...I'll admit to using some drugs that I probably shouldn't have. Shouldn't have, mostly, because these drugs that are manufactured in somebodies home made "lab" could kill you the first time you take it. But when you're young you take silly risks...and half of the time you don't even see it as a risk...everyone else is doing it! So just like my momma used to say..."If everyone else jumped off a bridge would you?" And, of course as a smart assed teen I would say "Well, yeah...if it looked like it might be a fun thing to do!" Oh, my poor parents! ;op But that IS exactly the way peer pressure goes. Your friends and/or acquaintances are going out and taking some pills or snorting some substance up their noses and then seemingly they are having the time of their you think what harm can it possibly do? stories over the years have informed us of teenage deaths at parties. They were teens and their young and strong hearts gave out after taking some drugs that were perhaps mixed wrong or whatever. How do you have a heart attack at the tender age of 15??? Bad drugs. It's that simple. You never know where stuff comes from when you are purchasing these evil little pills and bags of powder. And yeah, I know that sometimes the drugs that kids and adults are taking are over the counter headache pills crushed up and snorted. Doesn't make them safe...these too can have serious affects on our organs. I am not wanting to stand on my soap box and preach to everyone to not do drugs. I a perfect world it would be great if no one used bad drugs...but our world is less than that. And there are people in this world who enjoy doing bad things like producing bad drugs...just cause they can. 

In a way I find the drug culture amusing...not like funny ha ha ha...but funny like...what the heck?? Ecstasy, or MDMA was first made to help stop abnormal bleeding way back in the beginning of the Twentieth century. In the 1950's it was given to couples to aid them in their love making...or at least allow them to feel sexually charged about one another. In the 1970's psychologist's used MDMA in their sessions with patients as it helped them relax and talk more openly about their problems. But, I can tell you that it was produced in a lab by real scientists...just like any other prescription drug. (I wonder what drugs made by Pfizer may have traces of MDMA in it...anti-depressants possibly??) These days MDMA and MDA are made by Internet scientists...people who have read online how to make it and then produce it in their backyard dirty shed. Wow...that seems like a safe and clean environment to produce something for consumption. Not! The more I think about drugs at all...even prescription drugs, I see the harm they cause all over the place. "Respectable" men like Rush Limbaugh (just so you know...I have 0 respect for the guy) even get addicted to the feeling they get from drugs like is a derivative of heroin. A highly addictive substance made from what used to be a beautiful poppy...but yet it is manufactured in a lab. So it is NOT natural as some people may and will always argue. (Marijuana IS is a weed that grows in smoke the buds that never had anything added to them. That is a natural drug.) My Dr. prescribed me Oxycontin and Dilaudid (hydromorphone), (heroin and morphine), to help with my pain. Neither took away my pain...just made my head feel big and detached. A feeling I did not like, and shortly after starting to take the meds...I promptly went off of them. Who wants to feel like that? Plus I would feel pukey all of the time. Yuck!

Anyways, like I said earlier, I am not here to preach because that would be the pot calling the kettle black...and I don't want to do that. I just want my friends and others out there to be careful what you are putting into your body. My friend overdosed almost two years ago. That was from overdoing the "social" drugs that he felt helped him get along with others I guess. It was heartbreaking. It sobered up a lot of people in our community. Me included. I don't think I have been really drunk since it happened...I am now a two glass of wine cheap date! Remember alcohol too is a is coffee. We just need to be smart. It doesn't help to tell kids not to do drugs...they will just take more. It's called rebellion...been there...done that. Talk to your kids like they have a mind. Explain to them why it is unsafe to party all of the time on drugs. As adults, encourage your friend to get off the drugs and come back to reality. I've just seen far too much of it in my life and I keep losing friends and acquaintances either by death or complete stupidity. Everything in moderation at least. Even if you are a pot head...tek it easy on the weed mon. It's natural and not harmful except for maybe to your lungs if you smoke it. But you want to remember life Treat your body like it is an expensive rich Corinthian leather suitcase...maybe even a Louis Vitton, cuz that would be waaaaaaay crazy over the top extravagant. And would you carry that beautiful suitcase through the mud, that you worked for 9 labourious months to save for til you finally brought it home? No, you wouldn't. It's incredibly special. Our bodies are special. And we are given only one. Take care of it. Please. (even all of you rock 'n rollers...settle down!!!)

It's summer now...well tomorrow it's the social overload time of year again. Have safe...and Rock 'n Roll!!! 
PEACE! :o)


  1. i like this a lot pam!! nice preachin' that's not really preachin'....i really the part about comparing our bodies to our prized possessions...great analogy!

  2. Pam,
    I am "ONE OF YOUR KIND" i say with humor. I was born with all of my appendages. Also worked for GE and now in retrospect a fine musician. Something terrible happened and it took my left arm, my index and middle finger and 8 toes. I'm around 20 years older that you. In all of these years I've never really spoken about it and it hasn't quite been easy to have once had-then not. Besides scaring children and parents not willing to explain to their off spring i'm left with one huge problem-phantom pain. It's still possible to play drums, paint and do some of my passions but the phantom pain eventually makes me writhe in pain. Being born with one arms leaves me to wonder if you deal with the pain and if it does, what do you do? By the way you inspire me. May God bless-Steve