Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Today is officially summer! It's 10 am and it's +17...I really hope it gets a heck of a lot warmer during the day. I feel today is the day I must jump into the ocean...in order to do so, I need to feel hot. So please, please, please Ms. Sunshine...heat us up! She is shining pretty hard already...our front yard is sparkling! I love the magical feeling that the summer brings. Waking up in the mornings...slipping on a little sun dress...watering the pretty flowers and herbs and strawberries and tomatoes on my deck...taking Maggie on a sunny beach or sparkly forest walk...summer is an endless time of fun and soul rejuvenation. And I can say with all sincerity that I am entirely in love with summer!

this is first opened
Soooo...what about my pretty flowers. Well, one of my roses opened up yesterday! Yippeee! The very first rose always is a different colour...at least on my two plants. So, when she opened yesterday she was almost orange in colour...a pale orange/ yellow. And of course the sweetest fragrance you ever took in. Better than any perfume EVER made! Today she is yellow. :o)
this is her this morning

I have a California Lilac bush just on the outside of our deck. (deers do not eat them...phew!) What a beautiful flower and fragrance it has. And the bees...well they are also quite fond of them. You can hear the electricity from the bees the second you walk outside our front door...soooo exciting! ;o)
Eat up little bees!

Look at the huge amount of pollen on his leg! Mmmmm. Have you ever tasted bee pollen? So tasty and immensely amazing for your health!
In the spring when I was doing some mega yard cleanup...I found a little peony trying to grow through the mass amount of stinging nettle choking out all the grows in the bed. I think I may have saved it's life...for if I hadn't uncovered her this year...she would be choked out by the nettle. Which is also so good for you...but it just is so invasive. Anyhow, one single beautiful flower budded and opened for me. Thanking me for renewing her life and giving her a second chance to grow big and strong! :o)

And these birds...they hang out inside my dining room window...they make sure the birds that are full of life do not fly through! I just loved the way the sun was sparkling through the beautiful Tammy star that hangs out with the birdies. :o)

Yay! Summer. I love thee! I wish everyone an amazing, magical summer. Have fun!! xoxoxox

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  1. Hey, so happy you found me! I would love to know how you do a ponytail....(: And, I absolutely love that B&W photo of you with the pitchfork.